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You can create presets to quickly train units or send out attacks with a predefined number of units. You can create unlimited number of presets, which means that you can create one for each of your purposes.

How do i create a Preset?

To create these presets you will need to go to your Rally Point. You will be met with this screen: Presets1.png

From here you press the Create a new preset, to create it. After naming it, and setting the icon for it, you will have to insert the number of units you'll need for this preset. This will be done on the following screen, as shown below. To save the template, simply press the Save button.


What can i use Presets for?

You can use Presets to train a predefined numbers of units with the click of a button, or you can use it to attack with the predefined number of units simple and easy from the map.

How do i train units with Presets?


You can use your Preset to train your units by going to the Rally Point, looking at your preset and pressing the yellow icon, with the two units, on the right side.

The preset will then start to train your units. Note: The preset will train what is missing to have one full preset worth of units, meaning that if you have a preset with 50 Axe Fighters and you have 20 Axe Fighters all ready, the preset will start to train the last 30 Axe Fighters.


The preset will train the units according to the units list of picture 2. First Spearmen, Swordsmen, Axemen, Archers etc.

The preset will only train the units you have enough resources or provision to train.

How do i attack with Presets?

To use the preset to attack with simply select your target on the map. Press the village and then press this button, to get to your presets list: Helpd send preset.png


You will then get to the above screen. From here you can see various information before you send the attack. You can see the travel time, your strength, how many units you have available.

If you are certain of your choice, then press the two battle axes to send out your attack.

How do i send support with Presets?

As with the above description, you press the shield instead of the two battle axes.